Scheme of Delegation - Finances





Is legally responsible for the Trust’s assets and accounts

Develops the overall strategic vision for the finances of the Trust as a whole and of the Academies

Sets the financial parameters within which the academy’ budgets are created

Develops the overall strategic plan for capital expenditure taking into account the individual Academy strategic plans

Acts on behalf of the Trust to enable them to discharge their duties in relation to statutory compliance and the financial performance of Academies

Through the finance department provide professional services for accounting, financial planning, and financial systems across the whole Trust

Receives summary management accounts from the Finance team in order to ensure clear communication so the LGB is fully aware of the Academy’s financial performance

Receives a summary of budget assumptions in the autumn term; advises the Principal with respect to priorities in light of strategic plan

Contributes their views in relation to the final budget

Together with the Principal is responsible for developing and recommending to Moor End MAT capital expenditure priorities against the Academies’ strategic plan

Together with the finance department prepares the budget for approval by the Executive Board

Is responsible for controlling costs and for ensuring the budget commitments are met

Together with the LGB is responsible for developing capital expenditure priorities against the school’s strategic plan for submission to the Executive Board

Responsible for ensuring the academy cooperates with internal and external audit and implements action plan swiftly